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About Steel Therapeutics
Steel is increasing access to life-changing therapies

Steel Therapeutics is an Iowa-based pharmaceutical company focused on increasing access to life-changing therapies that have a track record of efficacy from compounding pharmacies.

With a team of pharmacist founders that have been active in building retail compounding programs, Steel is well positioned to identify both high impact drug candidates and innovative delivery systems

Market Entry Point: Fizurex

Steel has selected a novel treatment for anal fissures as its market entry point.

  • Background:

    Defined as small tears in the tissue that lines the anus, anal fissures occur in about 1 in 350 adults. It most frequently affects middle-aged individuals (many of whom are otherwise healthy).

  • Problem:

    Existing medications can support healing in some individuals, but are not effective for many patients. They also face practical adherence challenges that can lead to improper and incomplete application, limiting the effectiveness of the treatment – or discouraging people from applying it at all.

  • Steel's Solution:

    Steel’s patent-pending Fizurex wipe utilizes a combination therapy that is commonly compounded by pharmacists. We are incorporating this into an individually packaged, single use, flushable wipe.

    Research has already shown the effectiveness of the drug combination through an immediate cooling effect accompanied by a reduction in pain, irritation, and other discomfort, as well as improved healing from increased blood flow and anal sphincter relaxation.

    In a single-pack wipe form, individuals are able to easily administer the drug “on the go” with a quick trip to the bathroom